Are You A “Bad” Mom?

If you are mom you have been there.  Your late trying to rush your kids off to school or you are at the PTA, HSA, HSO (or whatever else they call it today), thinking to yourself, “what the HELL am I doing here”. Or you are tired of alls the restrictions that society puts on you, feeling like you just don’t stack up, that you are a bad mom.  Well then, there’s a movie coming out that is just for you.  It’s for all the moms that just want to put their foot down and say enough!

When the trailer for Bad Moms came out a couple of days ago, I was like finally a movie that I can relate to.  I am so tired of feeling like a bad mom.  I sometimes loath going to my sons’ school.  Oh and those PTA meetings, I get so stressed.  I would love to be as bold as Mila Kunis in the movie and say NO,  It’s enough.  Sometime I feel like I can not measure up to these unattainable standards.

This feeling of measuring up started even before my children started school.  I was afraid I would be judged if my child wasn’t walking or talking by a certain age, or that I wasn’t stimulating them enough.  I remember worrying and apologizing profusely when others would come over for playdates, that the house wasn’t clean enough or that I didn’t have projects for the children to do.  I was afraid they might see some unhealthy foods in my pantry and  wish that I had made some super homemade healthy granola with chia seeds.


Why do we do this to each other.  Why do we  lie to each other?   Why do we shame other moms, or make them feel inadequate as a mom when we all know that it is impossible to be that perfect mom, that tiger mom.  WE as women should be kinder to each other.   Take care of each other, and help each other out more.  Stop looking at each other as competition.