One Mother’s Fight to Stop the Bullying


Did you hear that loud and clear?

I’m actually yelling here.  I am just so tired of it.  I actually came out of blogging retirement because I wanted to post about it, in the hopes that some of you mom’s out there would read this.  Please I am begging you STOP THE JUDGEMENT, STOP THE VERBAL AND  CYBER BULLYING…and however else we are hurting each other. We all know how extremely hard, emotionally draining, and exhausting it is to be a mother — and then we choose to use the tiny bits of free time we have to make judgement upon others choices? And we tear each other down.   And we do we need to do that?  Does this make us feel better about ourselves?  I’m begging you to please STOP.Judgement based in no fact, no understanding, just in what we see in one instagram picture or Facebook status?
And who do you think we are influencing this behavior? Our children.  It’s funny we teach our children at a young age that bullying is wrong.   At any given school you can see posters against bullying.  But yet at home, they hear and see their mother’s bullying other mothers .  Does anyone else see the irony in that? We are supposed to teach our children not only with our words but with our action about being kind to each other and embracing each others differences not ostracizing others that think or act different.

I grew up in northern New Jersey and I hated the town that I grew up in.  The mother’s, and their direct extension (daughters), where so mean.  You were judge on the size of your family bank accounts.  It was horrible, I remember in fifth grade I girl told me she could not be friends with me because I did not wear designer jeans. I swore I was never going to come back to northern New Jersey because of my childhood experience.  Well as fait would have it I ended up moving to a town eight miles away.  But this new town seemed so different.  Here  everyone was so excepting.  It was like a breath of fresh air.

But, unfortunately those feeling didn’t last long.   Social media was begining to became popular and as facebook, instagram, etc. became popular.  These feelings I had for my new home town changed.  And I started to see the same type of bullying in my new town that I saw in my childhood town.  Though the subjects were different it was still the same.  And I started to find myself depressed over it.

Then a couple of weeks ago, a women posted on facebook.  I am not going to tell you the subject of the post in fear of women from my town might read this post,  and also it  really doesn’t matter what it was about.   The post and the comment that came after were ugly and mean. It made me feel wrong, and it filled me with an anger that hasn’t really subsided.  Why must we break each other down over  any topic on a constant basis?  I have seen mom’s tear each other down over political, child rearing, drinking, just to name a few.  It’s ENOUGH.  STOP THE HATE

Here is what us moms should do, instead of tearing each other down on blog posts, facebook or other social media.  Ever mom should find another  mom who thinks or feels differently than themselves, and go up to her and  give her a huge hug. And  tell her “You are an awesome, amazing woman and mother {among other things}.  A rock star.  You  may think differently then me but I still respect you. “

How awesome would you feel if someone came up to you and said that ?  Pretty dam good right? So let’s start to support each other.  And let’s stop tolerating judgmental bullying.   Teach our children through action how to tolerate and love each other.  Is anyone with me?