Why You Should Break Up With Your High Heels

taking off heels
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As I mentioned in my intro to my blog, there comes a time in every woman’s life when they should break up with their high heels, for me that happened a couple of years ago.  Those cute peep toe shoes, those three inches of high heels just do not seem to be appealing anymore, and they start to pick up dust in the back of my closet.  In my intro, I discussed what kicking off my heels meant to me.

However, I want to briefly talk about what happens to your body when you retire your heels for good.   Even though you may think  heels make your  legs look long, and lean, they actually have the opposite affect.  They actually cause your calf muscle to be in a constant stay of contraction (the muscle becomes shorter) because  your heel spends a lot of the time up by your ankle, rarely stretching to its full, natural length.  When the muscles are in a state of contraction, it causes you to walk with shorter strides.  That’s because wearing heels doesn’t just shorten your calves, it shortens your Achilles tendons. So when you finally get the courage to kick of those heels, you bring your foot back to a 90-degree angle, which causes tension on your too-tight tendons.   This can lead to (my favorite subject) plantar fasciitis, which is just  inflammation of the thick band of tissue that connects the heel to the toes. In others, it may bring on heel pain for the first time. Over a matter of days, weeks, or even months (especially if you lived your life in heels) the tendon will return to its normal length, your heel pain will subside, and your heels can end up even happier than they were to begin with.

So I have to admit I hate my butt, it’s saggy.  Yes I have that saggy ole’ mamma’s butt.   I do love how my butt looks when I wear heels.  There’s actually a scientific reason why your butt looks so good with heels.  Its because they tilt your pelvis, forcing your derriere back and up (it’s almost like having a butt lift!). However, there are consequences.  Unfortunately, it increases the pressure on the lumbar region of the spine, as well as the muscles that stabilize it.   This can lead to slippage of the lumbar vertebra forward over another, which is called, spondylolisthesis.  This slippage can result in nerve damage and pain. It is reversible, though. When you take off your heels your spine automatically returns to its proper anatomical position, reducing stress placed on the lower back and easing pain.

Along with your butt sticking up when you wear heels, your center of gravity shifts forward from where it naturally should be. This switch in center of gravity puts extra strain on the tendons and ligaments in your knees. So, maybe all you need to do for your aching knees is to stop wearing those heels.


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4 thoughts on “Why You Should Break Up With Your High Heels

  1. Unfortunately, I’ve never been much good at walking in heels despite once attempting to walk around London in a pair of 6″ heeled slingbacks! I had blisters the size of dinner plates! Imagine watching your hubby or brother trying to walk around in your shoes, well I’m a bit like that. I am envious of women who can walk in heels though, As you say, heels flatter the shape of the calf. *weeps*

  2. As someone battling with chronic Achilles pain, this article is bittersweet. Sigh. Thanks for the reminder to keep the heels for “once in a while” occasions…

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