Thanksgiving Day Survival Tips

Thanksgiving is one of the few days each year where I  need to have a survival plan or else  my healthy eating habits falls by the waist side.  Now I am a vegetarian so turkey just doesn’t do it for me.  So for me it’s all about the side.  Oh I love me some sweet potato pie, especially with extra marshmallows. In my family we are all about the carbs so not only do we have sweat potatoes, but we have some sort of roasted potato concoction, two to three different types of stuffing and some sort of sweet  bread. Oh and the desserts.   So what are my survival tips for  Thanksgiving Day  ?


1. I participate in a Turkey Trot

Believe it or not Thanksgiving day, happens to be one of the most popular days of the year for organized runs, which have been lovingly renamed “Turkey Trots”. In my area alone there are a dozen of these races and it seems like every year a couple of more are added to the roster.  This year I am actually participating in the the first year of the run Ridgewood Thanksgiving day run.  Its a four mile run/walk with over 1000 participants, not bad for the first annual run.

If running is not your thing, try taking a yoga or some other fitness class, such as zumba or spinning.   You might want to check out your local gym or studio schedule, many of them have special Thanksgiving Day classes.


2. I try and stick to healthy sides

 As I mentioned before I have a torrid love affair with carbs, no matter how many times I try to break up with them, they find their way back into my heart and stomach.  So on Thanksgiving I try to remind myself to GO green, it’s kind of my mantra for the day.  I try to limit the amount of  carbs that I put on my plate, and I try to take larger portions of the greens.   Every Thanksgiving I make sure that we have a large salad with a very light dress on top and three different types veggie sides.  I love to make roasted Brussels sprouts with a balsamic glaze YUMM.


3. I eat breakfast

I think one of the most important pieces of advice I can give anyone for tackling  Thanksgiving Day dinner is to make sure to eat a substantial breakfast.    It’s hard to keep yourself from over indulging when you come to the table hungry.

I need to make sure that I eat a sensible breakfast to keep my energy level up because I start the morning early with my turkey trot run, and than I  need to come home to  prepare the dinner.  So I like to fill myself up on some rib sticking oatmeal, and I sometimes put a little peanut butter in it for the extra satiety .








4. I stay hydrated

I drink plenty of water throughout the day. Not everyone knows this but remaining hydrated  helps to increase your metabolism.   Also drinking water I tend to eat less, because I seem to feel fuller faster.  It also helps me from drinking to many alcoholic beverages, which is a good thing.  Let’s just say in years prior when my liquid of choice was some sort of alcoholic concoction,  I usually ended up in some awkward situation.


5.I wear snug clothes and keep my self  busy.

This is one of my favorite survival tips, when I wear snug-fitting clothes, I don’t feel like eating, or for that matter even sitting.

So do you have any survival tips?

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4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Day Survival Tips

  1. I like the idea of the tight pants—I definitely cannot eat as much if my jeans are squeezing against my stomach!

  2. I like these tips. I would like to add another tip. Be confident about your decision. On the Thanksgiving there are so many types of foods usually arranges, so eat those foods that are digestible friendly for you.

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