Detox After the Holidays

How to Detox After the Holidays

Even though Christmas is only  a couple of days away, I want to talk about the aftermath and how to detox.    We all get that same feeling after a long weekend of late nights, poor eating, minimal exercise, and  decrease amount of sleep.  You get home and you feel like crap.  You feel bloated and just bogged down.  And if you are like me it also affects your psyche.  I actually get you depressed.  I don’t feel strong and healthy.  I know that I need to do something fast because it can lead to this snow ball effect.  The sooner I get back on track the better I will feel physically and emotionally.   So how do we get ourselves back on track?

I actually found these 10 step on Damy Health Blog


Ten Steps to Detox :

1.Sleep-One of the most important things you can do to regenerate  your body is sleep. You should be shooting for 8-10 hours of sleep for the next 5 nights. Make sure to get to bed early in a dark room with no distractions. If possible try to wake up at your normal time no matter how you feel. Getting back on that sleep schedule as soon as possible is extremely important to both your mental and over all health.


2.Water– With all the toxins that have built up from all indulgences you have partaken in during this weekend , you need  flush them out.   If the vacation included a drunk fest (which most do at our age), you need to rehydrate yourselves because alcohol actually dehydrates your body.  You should try to shoot for  2-3 Liters of water a day. This is one of the most important step in detoxing.

3.Exercise -You need to get back to your old routine no matter if you feel like it or not.  It’s important to get to the gym the next day.  You should not procrastinate.  Exercise is great because it releases those feel good endorphin’s , and it also helps you to sweat out all those toxins that have accumulated in your body from the weekend ie, drinking, sugary foods,etc.

4. Dandelion Root Tea-This tea helps with  liver detoxification. Try one cup a day for the next three days.  It is also  a great herbal diuretic again helping to get rid of those nasty toxins.


5. Stretching- I hope this is part of your daily routine, but probably it’s not, but it should be.   I see a lot of patients who could have avoided plantar fascitiis, Achilles tendonitis, if only they did a couple of stretching exercises.  When you stretch you should start with the larger muscle groups than work on the smaller groups.  Work on your hip flexors especially if you were sitting for a long period of time to get to your destination.  Hold each stretch for about 30 seconds. You can read some more about hip flexor stretches here.   Also when you stretch your  body releases those happy feeling endorphin’s, so get to it.

6. Make time for your self-Be good to yourself.  Getting back to “the real world” can be stressful.  So take at least 15 minutes to de-stress  each day, try a yoga class,  meditation, go for a massage, go see a funny movie, or anything that brings you joy.

7. Get Back to Your Healthy Eating-Get back to eating leafy green veggies, lean proteins, healthy fats, and whole grains.   For 5 days try to stay away from sweets, this will help decrease the sugar cravings that you may have developed while you were naughty.  A really easy to detox is start each morning with a green smoothie .

8.Vitamins This goes along with eating healthy again.   You need to replenish yourself.  Vitamins  will help with  detoxification, and cellular regeneration and growth.

9. Drink Green Tea- Now, more than ever, you need antioxidants to get rid of the free radicals you built up during your weekend/vacation. One of my favorite ways to accomplish this is to drink green tea. Drink 2-3 cups of Green tea each day the first week back. If you haven’t done it before you will notice how amazing you feel from it.

10. Organization- Create daily to do lists and place them in priority order, the first items should be the highest priority.  When you create a list you feel more in control, and also being able to check items off gives you a sense of accomplishment.

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6 thoughts on “Detox After the Holidays

  1. I haven’t kept my weight in check this year, I need to regroup after the holidays! All great tips 🙂 I need to get on for another massage soon and organize…well, every thing lol

  2. I love these tips, great post! I love green tea too, I need to try dandelion. Adding it to my list next time I go to the store.

  3. great tips! The week between Christmas and New Year’s needs to be a detox week for sure! Now I need to stock up on the dandelion tea, I don’t have that. Have a Merry Christmas!

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