Does Your Foot Type Affect Your Personality?

I do not know how true this is but I thought it might be fun to blog about it.  Does your foot type say anything about your personality?  For centuries people have been reading palms to discover some personality traits and maybe their destiny.  However, not may people would choose to read their feet? Did you know that various parts of the foot can reveal interesting things about your personality? So let’s learn about the interesting world of foot reading.

What your foot type say about YOU?

What Your Feet Say About You 2


The Roman Foot

This is the most common type of foot and is well proportioned with all the toes being straight. The big toe should be the largest, with each toe descending at a 45 degree angle from the big toe. People who have a Roman foot are well balanced as well as being outgoing a sociable. This person loves discovering new things, especially places and cultures.  Successful business people as well as public speakers are likely to have a Roman foot.

Very Long Toes

People who have very long toes are very expressive. They like to talk about everything, especially their feelings and opinions and tend to make excellent public
speakers and politicians.   The little toe on the side of the foot People who have a little toe slightly on the side of their foot with the nail
facing towards the wall tend to be unconventional. They are also
rebellious and like to have everything exactly their way.

Narrow Base on the Second Toe

If the second toe has a narrow base that widens as it reaches the top of the toe, you are likely to be a very expressive person. This person is larger than life and tends to amplify everything so that it seems bigger than it really it. When this person is in a good mood it seems as though the world is filled with light. However, if you notice that this person is in a bad mood for any one reason it is a good idea to leave them alone until their mood improves.

The Greek Foot

This type of foot is also known as the flame foot and the most distinctive feature is that the second toe is significantly larger than the big toe.  People who have a Greek Foot are usually very sporty and creative.  People who have a Greek foot tend to be very enthusiastic and enjoy motivating other people. However, a word of caution: people who have a Greek foot tend to look before they leap, which can lead to stress and problems. Artists and athletes tend to have this type of foot, while the
Greek foot could also been seen on public speakers and innovators.

Hard Skin on the Edge of the Heel

This is an indication that the person feels insecure and wants to take steps to change their situation.

Large Toe Pads

Extremely large toe pads are seen as a blessing and this indicates that the person is a deep thinker who likes to consider things very carefully.

Gap Between the Second and Third Toes

Take a close look at your foot and check if there is a gap between your second and third toes. If you see a gap it indicates that you are someone who prefers to keep you emotions separate from anything you are doing.People who have this gap typically tend to take on jobs where they need to be emotionally detached, such as working as a butcher. This gap also typically indicates that you do not like what you are doing and it is a good idea to reconsider your role in life so that you can be happier.

The Square Foot

When all of the toes on a foot are almost exactly the same length, including the big toe, it can be said that the person has a square foot. This type of foot is also
known as a Peasant foot and can have an almost rectangular appearance.  People who have this type of foot have a tendency to weigh their options very carefully before making a decision. As a result they tend to be very reliable and practical.

Tilted Third Toe

The middle toe on the foot is tilted slightly so that the tail points towards the little to. This indicates that the person very good at planning ahead and likes to be organized and in control of situations.

Ability to Separate the Little Toe

Take the time to stretch your foot so that it becomes more flexible and then spread out all of the toes on the foot. If you are able to separate the little toe from the fourth toe it is an indication that you need constant change in your life to be happy, hate routine and are very adventurous. You probably find that you get bored easily and if things start to fall into a routine you will most likely do something drasticto switch things up a little.

The Stretched Foot

This type of foot has a long, thin appearance due to the fact that the toes tend to be rather squashed together. The big toe is significantly larger than the other toes and taps slightly as it reaches the top. People who prefer their privacy and have a tendency to be secretive and hide their emotions are likely to have a stretched foot. These people should be treated with a little caution as their mood can change suddenly and they can also be rather impulsive.

Unable to Separate the Little Toe

The opposite is true if you are unable to separate the little toe from the fourth toe. This indicates that you are the sort of person who needs routine in your like in order to feel safe and secure. This type of person is extremely reliable and trustworthy as well as being a loyal friend that people can depend on.

Other Variations

In addition to the four main types of foot, there are also special variations that can have an impact on your personality. People who have swollen feet are said to have trouble expressing their emotions, while cracked heels is an indication that the person is a decisive leader who is able to deal with anything that comes into their path. If the toes on the foot lean towards the little toe it indicates that the person is usually in a hurry, while people who have toes that lean towards the big toe tend to hang onto the past.

After learning about the different types of feet and their link to personality traits, you may  find that they are very accurate. However, it is worth wondering whether
personality is affected by the shape of the foot or whether the shape of the foot is affected by an individual’s personality. It seems that there is no real way to tell for sure, although feet tend to develop earlier in a persons life than a fully formed personalities, so it would seem that the shape of a person’s foot can be very influential on their personality.

My foot type

Above is a picture of my foot.  I have a Roman Foot Type.  I am not to sure if I fit all the characteristics, as I do not think I am very out going.  I do believe though I am very balance.  What is your foot type?  Do you believe your foot type describes your personality?



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