Losing Weight Running, Can you?

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So do you want to lose weight?  Are you like many other people who have turned to running  to lose weight?    You might have  initially even lose a few pounds  but then suddenly, that weight lose stopped.  I have to be totally honest, I have been guilty of thinking that all I need to do is run to loose weight.  Before I had kids I used to think all i need to do was lace up my running shoes, run for a couple of miles and that’s it.  If only it was that easy.  Like in life nothing is that easy

The problem using running for Losing Weight:

I like most people, used to  think that in order to lose weight all you need to do is run long distances. Logically  it makes sense, right?   The longer you run, the more calories you burn and the more weight you lose.  You see but there is a catch,   Once your body reaches a certain threshold, it adapts to it and becomes very efficient when it comes to running and using energy. After all our bodies where made to survive all sort of adverse conditions, as in the paleolithic times. The body (your body) adjusts and rather than using fat stores for energy it hangs on to good old, ugly fat. When it comes to weight loss, this is what’s called “hitting a brick wall.”

So what can you do about it?

Keep on running, its a healthy habit that can add years to your life. But if you’re doing it to lose weight, try the following

Tempo running:
A basic tempo run works something like this. Your warm up and cool down will go at an easy, slower pace. In between, push yourself hard; you want to be running at a
pace where you’re feeling just a little bit uncomfortable. You don’t want to feel comfortable while you’re doing this (that means it’s not challenging your body) and you also don’t want to be running so fast you’re gasping for air.  You can use the talk test to help you out with this.  Basically you want to be just barely able to talk.  You want to
be able to say a couple of words but have a long conversation is too hard. Try to maintain that pace for the entirety of your target distance.

So why tempo running? Well first of all, you are actually pushing yourself to run just past your anaerobic threshold, allowing your body to start utilizing more carbohydrates, which will quicken fat loss. It’ll force your heart to adapt and become stronger, while also promoting the process when new  new blood vessels form, which is called angiogenesis.

We would strongly advise that along with running, you really need to focus on your diet and the foods you are eating. It is really important that whilst doing exercise of any form, you are giving your body the right fuel. I have heard recently that weight loss pills are becoming more and more popular, before even considering taking pills, I would suggest that you try a more natural option like changing the types of foods you are eating. If you still feel the need to take diet pills, I would strongly suggest you read reviews on them before consuming, have a look here at what one company says about this type of pill.

To learn more about tempo running, you can read my blog post how to tempo run

Do you incorporate tempo runs into our training?  I would love to hear.


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4 thoughts on “Losing Weight Running, Can you?

  1. I usually do try to throw some strides into a run. Last week I worked at that temp pace for me for sure, but doing more temp runs is something I hope to make happen more this winter. I started running when I couldn’t budge the scale, but you are right it is not a fix all. I have to weight train 🙂

  2. I turned to running when I had my last few lbs to lose (didn’t help initially, but I did eventually lose most of it — still, I gained training for my first half).

    I do tempos when I’m training for a half & it’s definitely my least favorite type of workout. I actually think speedwork is even more suited to weight loss!

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