Five High Heels Hacks

Happy Friday, yeah, we made it through the first full work week of 2016 Congratulations .  As I mentioned before in my blog, every Friday I want to devote to  talking about  anything foot related, since I am a podiatrist.  So today I thought it would be fun to talk about how to hack wearing high heels.   If you are like me, you have a love / hate relationship with high heels.

You see them across a crowded shoe section in a department store, it’s love at first sight, you just have to have them.  So you try them on and they look great, your legs look great and they are on sale.  And thus the love affair begins.  You take them home, introduce them to your clothes.  You find the right outfit  to wear them with, you go out in public  to show them off.  After only one or two hours out , the love affair dies.  They are just to painful, you need to break up with them, you are devastated that is just did not last.  But, what if I had a few hacks to fix this broken relationship?  Well I am here to tell you, I can help.  Just call me the shoes whisperer.


try on high heels in the after noon

To hack before you even buy, you should ensure to try on shoes in the afternoon or evening. Your foot expands slightly throughout the day, especially in the summer, so it is at its biggest at this time. If you buy shoes in the morning when your foot is at its slimmest, you run the risk of them being too tight by the end of the day.

2. Tape Your Toes Together To Ease Foot Pain

tape your toes together to help with wearing high heels

To ease high heel pain, use self-sticking bandage to tape together the third and fourth toes of each foot. This will help to alter the balance of your foot and to keep foot muscles aligned.

3. Stretching Shoes out by Freezine

put your high heels in the freezer
I wish I was the creator of this brilliant trick, sadly I am not, but it is non the less an awesome trick. So if you have a pair of shoes that are still too tight after buying them at the end of the day (like I told you to do).  Freeze them, as long as they are not leather. Simply fill a plastic bag with water, stick them in your shoes and pop them in the freezer. (via Better Remade)

4. Get Rid Of Odors With Teabags

Get Rid Of Odors With Teabags

To remove odours from your shoes, place a couple of teabags inside your shoes overnight. These will help to absorb the smell. Repeat over the course of two to three nights if required.

5. Prevent Blisters wit Band-Aid Brand Friction Block -Stick

Use band-aid friction block for you high heels

This Band-Aid product is a total game changer. Rub it on the sensitive spots of your foot before you put your shoes on to prevent blisters. Trust us, it’s the best $5 you’ll ever spend.  I let you in on a little secret you can use roll on deodorant.
If all these Preventative Measures Are Too late, Soak Blistered Feet In Epsom Salt

If Preventative Measures Are Too late, Soak Blistered Feet In Epsom Salt

Soaking feet in warm water and Epsom salt will toughen up the skin. It also acts as an antiseptic, killing bacteria and reducing your chances of developing an infection.


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    1. Try the freezing trick and let me know what you think, but the shoes can’t be leather. It’s ok to wear heels but not that often. Thanks for reading

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