Integrity of the Medial Arch and Running Shoes

integrity of the medial arch

Integrity of the Medial Arch

Happy Friday, and since it’s Friday, I am going to talk about foot fitness, and more specifically the medial arch.  I know what you are thinking you just want to stop by and read something light and entertaining.  And I promise you I will try and keep it entertaining, but I also would like to make it informative.  All of you readers rely on your feet to get you were you need to go, so you should have a basic understanding of the bio mechanic that allow you to run, walk or just stand.

The the foot can be broken down into three different arches.  These are arches are formed by the tarsal and metatarsal bones, strengthened by ligaments and tendons.  The arches allows the foot to support the weight of the weight bearing and propulsion (movement).In order to perform these functions, the foot requires a high degree of stability as well as flexibility. The multiple bones and joints of the foot give it the necessary flexibility, but in order to fully support any weight, the bones of the foot need to form an arch.

The foot has three distinct arches. Two “longitudinal” arches (one on each side) run from front to back; one “transverse arch” runs across the midfoot from inside to outside.

The “medial longitudinal arch” is the most prominent foot arch and what is typically referred to as simply, “the arch.” It runs from front to back along the inside of the foot. This arch absorbs the majority of the shock of impact while walking, jumping or running.

I just recently found this video on You Tube. It is informative and also thought provoking.  It explains through a visual model how some running shoes may actually cause an unstable foot. Any thoughts on this?  Do you feel that your running shoes affect your medial arch?


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