Running a Race in Your Dreams?

I have to admit.  I have never had a dream about running a race. I usually have a lot of anxiety about running a race before race day, but have never dreamed about i.

So I decided instead to talk about if you dream about running a race it usually is indicative of a person in a competition of sorts. Race dreams can indicate pressures in ones life,  some of these areas can include relationship, work, and health.

In this dream one may be

  • Watching a race from the side-lines.
  • Cheering for someone in a race.
  • Saw a crash or accident at a race (or heard of one / were affected by one).
  • Won or lost a race.
  • Came in second place.
  • Over slept and missed a race

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 Interpretation of  a dreams meaning…

1.The type of race

Participating in a race is a suggestion of  your work or daily life. Consider how you are doing in the race that you are participating in your dream and compare it to your own waking life. In what areas is your life mirroring your participation in the race? Often you will see a comparison. Biking or using machinery in a race is indicative of using tools in your daily job.  While running or walking in a race is usually relates to having  a more practical approach to your life. Swimming races usually reflects your love or  emotional life.

2. Outcome of the race

Winning and losing is important when it comes to races and interpretation. When you are trying hard in a race but never seeming to get anywhere, it is indicative of you being in a rat race in your own life and feeling like you are trying hard but never quite getting anywhere. Winning the race shows that you feel prepared to handle issues in your life right now, whereas losing shows that you feel inadequate.

3. Car Race

Racing in a car is largely interpreted as news coming your way, and winning or losing in this kind of race is said to be good news or bad news. Really, anything in a race which represents transportation such as a bike, motorcycle, cart, etc. is indicative of something coming to you in your own life.

4. The Finish Line

The finish line in a dream has its own representation that does not always correlate to winning or losing. The finish line itself indicates that the end is near for something in your life – a part of your life is coming to an end. Look at areas of your own life that are changing or coming to a close and ask yourself if you are prepared for this. Have you made the right choices?  Are you ready to take on a new challenge once this one ends? There is never a permanent ending to anything in life, things are merely changing.

5. Marathons

Marathons are depict life in general, how you feel about  your own participation in life. Whether you are in the marathon as a participant, cheering someone else on, volunteering, or just hanging around as part of the festivities, this is a good indication in your own life that you are an active participant in life.

However, some people are not participating in anyway in the marathon in their dreams.   These people tend to rely on others to fix their problems and usually find themselves going over the same problems in their life over and over again or having a ‘why me?’ philosophy. IF you are hearing about a marathon, know of one, or the marathon in your dream is depicted but you are not a part of the race, this may correlate to a feeling that you are always out of the loop.

6. Olympic Race

Olympic races are big moments in our lives – such as marriage, having children, graduating from college, getting a big promotion etc. Having any connotation of Olympic races in your dreams is a good omen.

What are some of your dreams about races?  Can you see any correlations between your dreams and your waking moments?

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7 thoughts on “Running a Race in Your Dreams?

  1. I don’t remember dreaming about being in a race! Very interesting information here though. My son is a long distance runner – I wonder if he’s ever had a racing dream? Thanks for visiting my blog today!

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