Weekly Re Cap # 5 and Running With Congestion


Monday: 3. 25 miles,
Tuesday:  rest , work 9-5
Wednesday: 2 mile,
Thursday: 3.25 miles -congested
Friday: rest
Saturday: 2. 5 congested
Sunday:  3.5
Total:  14.5 miles

Running With Congestion

running while congested

Well it’s Monday.  How was your weekend?  Unfortunately , for me,I contracted my younger sons cold, earlier lastweek.  I had the typical symptoms runny nose, headache, sore throat and itchy watery eyes. .  So I had a dilemma on my hand, to run or not not run?

I did a little research on line.  Apparently according to many on line running magazines, a good rule of thumb when considering to run when you’re feeling under the weather is the “neck check.”  Obviously from the name, if the symptoms you are experiencing are above your neck , such as , a runny or stuffy nose or a sore throat — you can proceed with caution. If the symptoms you are experiencing are below your neck, such as coughing, congestion, fever, body aches or fatigue, you need to take the day off.

How I adjust my training

Even though my symptoms where from the neck up, I still needed to adjust my running. So, I reduced the speed and intensity of my run.  My nose was  so  congested and stuffy  that it was harder for me to breathe properly.  Obviously not being able to breath properly would limit my ability to run at my current pace.

I also thought by running while having a head cold would force myself to slow down, which in turn would help with me in my quest to build up endurance.  If I was able to run under sub optimal condition, my runs will be that much easier when I am feeling better.

I also surfed the web, on the best types of runs to do when you are congested.  Apparently, starting with intervals or tempo runs, which I had blogged about here, would be the best strategy for my training.  I decided to start at a pace of  10-15 seconds per mile slower than I normally run.  And if that pace did not seem challenging enough I would adjust the pace accordingly, and if the pace was too uncomfortable for me than I would also dial it back a little bit.

So, even though I was  congested, I still benefited from these workouts, even thought they were slightly slower than optimal conditions.

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15 thoughts on “Weekly Re Cap # 5 and Running With Congestion

  1. That’s cool that you looked that up and thanks for sharing. I’ve been giving my husband a hard time because he won’t stop running even though he is sick from head-to-toe! I hope you are feeling better now!! At least by tweaking your workouts a bit, you still got to get your run on. Nice work! Have a wonderful week

  2. props to you for working out and sticking with it even when you were feeling sub-par. i always push myself to do whatever i can when i’m sick also (unless i’m, like, stomach sick), because it usually makes me feel better at the time…and any workout is better than none. nicely done. feel better!

  3. Ok, so it’s going around. I have it too and it’s all above the neck, except an intermittent cough. I haven’t been sick yet this year, so it’s catching me off guard. Makes me want to curl up into a ball and go to bed (and stay there). I’m also way hungrier than normal, so I figure, “Whatever, you’re sick. Eat.” Good tips on the running I bet I could apply the same principles to y training routine.
    Tracey @Tracey’s Getting Fit recently posted…Carbs 2My Profile

  4. I’ve always used the above/below neck rule. Sometimes the act of running in itself will loosen sinus congestion and you’ll feel better after a run. So many bloggers were sick this past week. It’s just that time of year, I guess. Thanks for linking with us Nicole. I hope you are feeling better by now!
    HoHo Runs recently posted…Run With HeartMy Profile

    1. Hi HoHo ( I love that name), did I ever tell you I live near the town of Ho Ho Kus. Yes it is the time of year. Sometimes when I run it does help with the congestion, it really all depends. I love your link up. Thanks for creating it

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