Weekly Wrap #6 and PiYo Training


Monday: still congested
Tuesday:  rest , work 9-5
Wednesday: worked 9-5
Thursday: 3.5 miles
Friday: 3.5  Miles
Saturday: boot camp
Sunday:  PiYo instructor training
Total: 7 miles

So how was you week?  I have been reading a lot of blogs this week, and it seem  that a  nasty little bug has been making its rounds ( I guess I was not the only one feeling it).  At the beginning of this week I STILL was not feeling well, it wasn’t until Thursday that I felt like my self.  I really was so surprised at how wiped out I was.  I am  so glad that by the end of the week I was back to my old self because I was in for along weekend, which included becoming a PiYo instructor.    OK so maybe I am justify my lack of  mileage for the week but it is legit.

Weekend and PiYo Training Course:

Saturday– I took a friend’s class at a local Athleta store  before the store opened for the day,and it was awesome.   Not only was the class awesome but I was able to shop before the general public.  The class, itself, was a fusion of cross fit, yoga,and Pilates.  I have done both yoga and Pilates before but never any cross fit so I was a little nervous.  It’s always hard to get out of your comfort zone.  Even with being out of my comfort zone,  I really did have a great time.  Besides that instructor I knew no one else, and I have to admit I can be a little intimidated when I am around new people.  But after the warm up everyone was joking and all cheering each other on.  In the picture below we are all working together in what the instructor called a human ladder exercise. I have to say I would definitely do it again.

part of the weekly recap
The human ladder

Sunday – was exciting as I got certified to teach PiYo.  What is PiYo?  You can click here .   PiYo was invented by Chalene Johnson, and was acquired by Beach Body.  Here is what she has to say about PiYo

A workout that carves an intensely defined physique—without jumps, without weights, and without straining your joints. Using your body weight, you’ll perform fluid, low-impact, high-intensity movements inspired by Pilates and yoga. With PiYo, you’ll work every single muscle to stabilize, stretch, and strengthen every inch of your body. 60-day program. Workouts 25-45 minutes.

The training was amazing but tiring.  I am excited to start practicing and teaching it.


PiYo Certificaition in ReCap
My PiYo buddies

After the week I had I was just to tired to party, so no super bowl for me. Anyway I could barely move my legs last night after Sundays training

Have you ever heard of PiYo?  Or taken a class?

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14 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap #6 and PiYo Training

  1. That’s AWESOME! I have taken PiYo. I love it!! It really got me into Yoga too, which I truly enjoy. I look forward to hearing more about this from you. Congratulations!!! And yes, I’m one of those who has been sick. I still have a little cough, but last week it was nasty. I haven’t had so much tea with honey as I had last week.
    Tracey @Tracey’s Getting Fit recently posted…February FunkMy Profile

    1. Marcia, You really should try it. It’s an awesome work out. I know that you are trying to lose weight and I have heard people have had a lot of success with it. Thanks for reading

  2. I guess I’ve never really known what PiYo was. I’ve only heard about it from blogs I read. I’m not sure there are any classes in my area. I would love it because it’s low impact! So tell me, now that you are certified to teach, do you already have a gym you teach at? How does this work? How do you come up with routines? Sorry for all the questions and thanks for linking up with us!
    Tricia@MissSippiPiddlin.com recently posted…All Things Mardi Gras – Happy Fat Tuesday!My Profile

  3. I’m glad to hear you are feeling better now. I noticed there was a lot of sickness in the blogging community as well! I have heard of PiYo but have never taken a class. Congratulations on becoming a certified instructor. It would be fun to teach classes, I think. Do you know if you’ll do that one on one or do you plan to teach group sessions? Thanks for linking up with us Nicole.
    HoHo Runs (hohoruns.blogspot.com) recently posted…Scenes From A Weekday RunMy Profile

  4. I’ve been wanting to do the PIYO program but fitness challenges/programs have always been hard for me! I took pilates for the first time today! It was challenging because my posture is so bad! I definitely need to throw some more of those types of workouts into my routine. I’ve gotten really into fitness this past year and would really like to start teaching group fitness classes, its how I got really into fitness and really love how challenging the instructors can make it! If I really enjoy PIYO once I finally complete it this is definitely something I’d be interested in! Can’t wait to here your journey in getting into instructing, congrats on your certification!


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