Happy Birthday to Me

Yes, that is right today is my birthday.  I am smack dab in the middle of my 40s.  WOW.  How did I get here? Like many other Sunday posts, I am joining the link up group ” the Weekly Wrap”.   But I figure instead of reviewing my past week (which really wasn’t that active for me), I would summarize my life thus far.


When I think of 45, I feel a mix of things.  It’s an age that means you are old enough not to feel young anymore, but not old enough to complain about it. It’s like the middle child of ages… no one is impressed or thinks your turning 45 is a big deal but you.

Today I’m 45 and I’m not having one of those aha moments of gratitude about my age, which trust me, I do have.  I get that the alternative to aging is terrible, but this post isn’t about that.   Instead, this will be a blunt assessment of what 45 years of life feels like and what is ahead of me. If you are reading through this blog hoping for some kind of wise reflection at the end about how age is “only a number” or “you’re only as old as you feel inside,” STOP reading.  Like always I am going to be brutally honest.   I’m going to end it in the middle of a thought,  which I have been known to do before.  But the real reason why is  because that is how I feel my life is right now.  A juxtaposition per say.




Aging by the Numbers

Once you reach your first milestone of aging, you quickly learn that if your age ends in a “9,” it’s somehow worse than if it ends in “0.” So, 39 is actually a worse age than 40 because you are the oldest of the thirty-somethings and dangerously close to putting a kabash to all your lost dreams, and your unrealized potential for that decade.   You figure out that at least when you turn 40, or start any other fresh decade, your the new kid on the block.  And you start that new decade with a new sense of  optimism for that particular decade.

As you age, you also learn that the “0” to “4” at the end of your age is fantastic, and once you hit the “5,” like 45, you round up. You are essentially 50 and everyone knows it. Second halves of decades go faster. And that scares the crap out of you.





So, 45. Halfway to 90. Ninety. Nine-ty. We all know how fast the first 45 years flew by, so, in the blink of an eye you’ll be that old person who has fallen and can’t get up — and it just wont seem that funny to you though.

And think of your body. If I take your body today and add another 45 years of aging to it,  things are going to change.  and let me tell you why…


Can you even imagine another 45 years of gravity having its way with your skin, fat, boobs… your junk? Yeah, that’s right, guys. Gravity ain’t helping you either. If it’s sagging now, it’s only going to get worse.  It might be time now to start invest in some firm products or maybe just a good pair of spanx to lift everything up to wear it used to be.

Heartwarming Conclusion

Let’s not get caught up in the “45 is the new 30” nonsense.  I’m here to tell you that it isn’t. Thirty was 15 years of youth-you-will-never-get-back ago. What you have gained in wisdom is now being cancelled out by your lack of memory.  So, guess what? You’re just 45. Halfway to 90. A good 27 years past high school graduation. Probably two years away before you start getting all those ARP advertisements.  But hell it does beat the alternative.


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9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me

  1. Happy Birthday!! I was fine at 45 – happy as could be, it was at 46 that I started having some physical issues, then my thoughts changed lol Now that I am 50, I realize it may not be realistic to double my age , so I am going to cram in what I can in now!
    Karen recently posted…You DO What You have To Do!My Profile

  2. Nicole, Happy Birthday!!! I hope you had an amazing day!!! I’m 47 and I can say, I stopped counting at 40. There are times when I have to stop, think “What year is this?”, and subtract 1969 because that’s the only way I can remember my age. That just happened recently and my birthday was in September. I just don’t think about it. I don’t want to. Is it denial? Sure thing it is. But whatever it is, denial or something else, I think my life at 47 is better than it was at 30 because my kids are grown and I don’t have the financial burdens, the responsibility of parenting young children, the constant wondering if my life is what I want and if I am going where I want to go that I had at 30. I know I’m right where I want to be and I love being able to go out without my kids and not need to worry about a sitter. It’s not like I do that all the time, but it sure is freeing!! We had an afternoon with friends today, drank a few beers, talked and talked and talked and not once did I worry about them. But 40 something really does mean I have aches and pains I did not have a 30. That’s for sure. Enjoy every minute, because when we are 90, we will sag a WHOLE lot more and we probably won’t remember anything. Happy Birthday again!!
    Tracey Coleman recently posted…How long does it take to heal a broken heart?My Profile

  3. You are cracking me up! I love the brutal honesty here! 40 hit me HARD…like really hard. 45 was no big deal and now the BIG 5-0 is lurking right around the corner in just a couple of months. I honestly would’ve been okay with the number 50 if it weren’t for all of the evil changes it is bringing to my body…ugh! Aunt Minnie(menopause) is a BITCH! 🙂 Happy Birthday!!
    Teresa recently posted…This Week’s Gallivantin’: Slacker, Sluggard and Sloth, oh my!My Profile

  4. Happy birthday! I am hitting that 39 mark this year and it feels insane! how did I get here and I know in a blink it will be here and gone and my kids will be grown. 40 felt so far away 20 years ago.
    Christy recently posted…Weekly WrapMy Profile

  5. You are so right! I’m right with you turned 45 this past summer. Maybe I should think of it more but honestly, I feel better today at 45 than I did at 30! Ok in reality things are not in the same place as they once was but there are also some muscles just starting to peek through that I never thought I’d see! Happy Birthday lady, embrace it!
    Tricia Vaughn recently posted…Weekly Wrap 62 Wedding FunMy Profile

  6. Happy Birthday, Nicole! Thanks for keeping it real. Gravity is my nemesis. No matter how healthy and fit we are…skin sags. Ugh. HA >> Funny you should mention the “I’ve fallen thing” cause that’s exactly where my mind went when I fell during the Chicago Marathon. Thanks for linking!

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