The Runners Form

I had written this article for my other blog, and it was extremely popular, so I decided to publish it again on this blog

In recent months I have been plagued by numerous injuries from hamstring
pull to Achilles tendonitis.  After my last injury a IT band issue, I
had an “an ha” moment, maybe it’s my technique. Since than I’ve been
intrigued by the idea of proper running . It seems like in every other
sport they teach you the “right way” to do it so that you can maximize
your body’s performance. Yet with running it should be innate, something
that should come natural.  Some people even believe that “everyone has
their own style.” What?? Surely there has to be a better way to run than
just going out there, flailing around, and hoping for the best.

Christopher McDougall’s book Born to Run challenged the tenets I had
learned in podiatry school, that the human foot may need some
accommodating device for optimal performance when walking or running . 
It was blasphemy to think that the man might actually be preform better
when running in its most primal way: barefoot.  It was also intriguing
to think about how shoe companies may be designing products that
actually weaken the foot rather than strengthen it. I started to think
about biomechanics from podiatry school and the hole gait cycle, from
heel strike to toe off.

I recently found an issue in  Runner’s World where they illustrate
proper running form. They did a really great job of providing an
overview of the topic, along with some practical pointers.  You can read
the whole article here if you’d like.

I have not started to run again but when I do I will start to practice
these elements. I am hoping they will help me run father, prevent injury
and conserve energy. I think now I will concentrate on form rather than
speed.  What will you take away from this article?