I am hooking up with Deb for Wednesday Word, where she give you a single word to write about.  It’s a great writing exercise, and it is always interesting to see how different blogger  interpretative the word.  Today’s word is involvement.

Deb Runs Word Involvement

What Does Involvement Mean?

The word involvement, as defined by Webster’s Dictionary, the fact or condition of being involved with or participating in something.

How involvement scare me

In a prior blog post, I talked about that famous quote from Elanor Roosevelt.  And an example would be getting involved in something that I feel strongly about.


Invovlvement as to live fearlessly


The above quote was written by Gary Friedman, Chairman and CEO of Restoration Hardware.  I think what makes fighting fearlessly for what we believe in so scary, is that we are not taught how to do it.  Through out our lives, we are taught how to conform. We are taught to conform to current and conventional views. We are discouraged from taking risks and encouraged to follow the proven path. As children we are taught how to follow, rather than lead.

However, inside each of us exists a unique and authentic light.  And if we choice to follow that path it will give us  great purpose.   However, it is not easy finding the courage and the strength to do so.  As there are certain guidelines and regulations that are imposed on us, which inhibits us from straying from the norm.

So when I think of involvement, I think of fighting fearlessly for what I believe in, no matter how far it strays from the norms of society.  Essentially, to be  guided by my values and beliefs, and to live fearlessly. In essence to be less concerned about winning or losing, but being true to my purpose. And follow that star, no matter how hopeless, no matter how far, and no matter how dim it may seem.