How to Create Balance In Your Life

I wanted to talk today about balance.  I deal with this subject a lot, both professionally and personally.  Its finding a balance, both metaphorically and literally.  In everyday life, we are constantly hustling, we are hustling at work, trying to meet deadlines, and making sure that we are meeting or exceeding our bosses expectations. We are hustling at home, especially if you have little ones, making sure that everyone is clothed, fed and safe. At some point however, there seems to be a disconnect between what we’d like to spend our time doing, and what we actually spending our time doing.  We can’t have everything all at once but maybe it’s time to find some semblance of balance.

I’m not sure how to create a perfectly balanced life.  Anyone that knows me, knows that I am always struggling trying to find it.  However,  I can give you some tips on what I have learned throughout the years on creating a balance.  I can tell you first of all that you should try to plan your days out.  I find when I plan my days out the night before it is easier for me to balance my time more efficiently.   I also find waking up an hour before the kiddies helps to get me focused and ready to tackle my day. However,  I still have not figured out away to balance my work and personal life better.  Any suggestions?

Let’s talk now about how we can literally create balance in our lives, which is so important as we age, and I think a little easier to achieve.  An exercise to help create physical balance would be standing on-one-leg kind of balance. So what’s the big hoopla over physical balance?   It’s actually pretty rudimentary,  balance keeps us from falling down.  It’s as simple as that.  I am sure you have seen that older gentleman at the restaurant with the shuffling gate.  The reason he is shuffling is because he might fall because his balance is poor.

You may have heard the word proprioception being thrown around related to balance.  So what exactly is this proprioception all about,  it is your body being able to understand where it is in relation to space.   As we lose our ability to balance we also lose our proprioception, too.  Luckily, there are tons of ways to embed balance training into our regular workouts so it’s not an additional thing you have to do, but rather a part of what you’re doing.

Balancing Exercise

Here is a simple balancing exercises you can do.  All you need to do is to decrease the stability of your standing surface ( such as standing on a piece of foam or on a wobble board) this will challenge your balance and over time, force improvements in the tiny joint stabilizing muscles in your ankle and foot.  When you do these balance challenging exercises you are also working on the small muscle in your back and also your stomach muscles too.  That is just a little added bonus to doing this exercises not only do you build you balance but you also help your posture.  Did you know you are also working your brain (one big muscle) because you are concentrating on not falling. So by spending a little bit of time on a board you are working many different body parts.  Now that is great time management.


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