3 Things You Can Do to Strengthen Your Feet

Well hello all, I am finally back from my vaca in Florida, stay tuned for a summary of that trip in a day or two. For today, I want to talk about training your feet first. This is a topic I am very passionate about, ask any of my patients. One of my first blog post was about foot exercises, you can find it here. I tell my patients all the time, that they must take care of their feet first.

3 Things You Can Do to Strengthen Your Feet

You may not be able to do these all the time, but you can certainly do some of them right away. Your feet didn’t become weak overnight, and it will take a consistent effort to build them up.

Ditch Your Shoes

One of the best things you can do to strengthen your feet is to simply get them out of shoes more often. Yes you heard it right, a podiatrist is allowing you to walk with you out shoe. However, begin slowly so you don’t make your feet too sore. This can be as simple as taking your shoes off when you’re inside your home.

Critical Exercises to Prepare Your Feet for Minimalist Footwear (http://bit.ly/1wWTj1G)

With your shoes off, raise up onto your toes and try standing and walking propped up on the balls of your feet. This will create a significant balance challenge. If this is to hard start by performing heel raises, you can touch a wall or hold on to a chair for balance, if necessary.

As your feet get stronger, you can up the duration and become more active (like running and jumping barefoot – but take it easy and don’t go too fast), which will continue to build strong stable feet.

Run in Sand

This may not be possible for those who don’t have access to a beach, so you will need to move. LOL. Running in sand is a great way to increase the strength and flexibility in your feet. If you don’t have a sandy beach nearby, you can try walking or running barefoot on grass or any other soft surface in the warmer weather. A surface like grass that is soft and that yields to your weight will help improve the joint articulation within your feet, while increasing range of motion and also help with strengthening the muscles in the foot.

Walk on Rock

This might sound kind of crazy, but walking or even just standing and shifting your weight on smooth rocks – the type of small smooth stones people use to landscape portions of their properties – will do wonders for your feet and your entire body.

The changing and shifting surface of these rocks will help activate all of the proprioceptive nerves that exist under your feet. There are lots of them and these nerves connect directly with the lower back. Unfortunately, these nerves endings are mostly dormant in many people. It is not just coincidence that more than 80% of people suffer significant back pain in their lives. When your feet are weak, you are practically guaranteeing you will experience significant back pain at some point.


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