4 Facts about Flat Belly Exercises That Are Actually Surprising

Recent days, there are many people who are misunderstood about flat belly exercises which are really effective. Some are even too eager to do many exercises without knowing some facts which are quite surprising which may change your point of view of some exercises which you think as the only best exercises for how many people opt for flattering their bellies but notice only on exercises which are cited good and do not know its precise efficiency. Then, here are those facts that you should notice.

First, flat belly exercises are often opted to crunches which are cited as best workout. But in fact, cruches only work on your front abs (rectus abdominis). Remember that amazing flat belly exercises will focus on all parts of your midsections, then by only doing crunches you will not achieve best results for sure. Furthermore, crunches do not create much contraction because you just work against your own body weight. Then, it can be concluded that crunches will not cover all your midsection’s parts well.

Second, flat belly exercises are often done by going to a gym and use ab crunch machine as one of the most favorite machine that is know reducing your belly. But in fact, the ab crunch machine that you always use for reducing your fat belly, it actually only makes your hip flexor which is simply said as your sitting muscles work harder instead of your belly or midsection parts. Then, you should think twice whether you really need stronger sitting muscles or flatten belly.

Third, flat stomach exercises are also usually done using ab roller machines. There are many people will do flat belly exercises by using this machine that helps you to do better sit-ups and crunches. Then, back to the first fact about how this machine only helps on doing better sit-ups and crunches which create quite low resistance and as well as focused not on your midsection parts. Those two machines, both of abs roller machine and abs crunch machine cannot be your only exercise options for how their lacks of effectiveness. Fourth, flat belly exercises such as bosu balls and big exercise balls which you commonly use only focus on your front abs. Even there are other positions which you can do, still it may risk on some serious injuries such as low back injury. Moreover, if your body is not so flexible, you may do mistake when do certain positions.

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