Baby Potty Training: Easy Steps for Baby and Toddler

Whenever your baby is ready, then you should consider leaving all of those diapers and starting the baby potty training.  Before you do it, you have to know the signs if your child is really ready to have the training. Otherwise, the process won’t go very well and you have to start it later, all over again. Pushing your child to potty train is the worst thing that a parent would do and you should avoid it.

This is practically the same with how to potty train your toddler process, where they will learn how to do it once they have shown many interests in the bathroom, and they will eagerly do the potty train if you’re teaching him/her right. How to potty train a baby easily? The thing to realize is to start the whole process is that you’re the one who hold the key of a success potty training.

 It will be easy if you’re doing the potty training steps with great communicative ways, passion, and creativity. A consistent potty training process is the main tips on potty training. You should do it repeatedly, or your baby won’t get used to it as if it’s something that isn’t necessary to be done.

Baby Potty Training Steps

The first step on baby potty training is by doing it in the right moment and time. For example, an after meal time is one of the best chance to get your little one to potty train. Not only that, if he/she is showing the signs that he needs to pee anytime in the day, you should take him and potty train him right away. Tell him how to do it, and wait patiently while your baby is on the potty train. For another tips on potty training, you should give some understanding that the potty train is the place where he should go whenever he has to pee and try to hold it until he arrives in the potty train, and this also apply for how to potty train your toddler process.

If you’re still wondering on how to potty train a baby effectively and make it easier for both of you, then you should check the step number two. A potty train process may be a bit tiring for your baby, and never scold him if he’s having an accident. If you scold him, he may feel upset and not interested in the potty train anymore. Our tips on potty training during this process is that you should praise him and give him rewards whenever he’s doing the potty train right, and tell them that it’s fine to have an accident and support him to do the baby potty train again.

How to Potty Train Your Toddler

Toddler is just as tricky as a baby when it comes to potty training and you need to learn on how to potty train a baby before doing how to potty train your toddler. But, the work will be much easier on a toddler because they already remember things and will be able to express their feelings rather than baby potty training. They may tell you how much they want to go to pee and you both could prevent an accident from happening.

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