Baby Sleep Chart for Newborn Baby That All Mothers Should Know

All mothers should know baby sleep chart because this is one of parenting activities that must be overcame well for how good quality sleep will ensure the health of your baby and for that you can see your baby grows amazingly. For that, as a good mother, here is some important information about babies aged 2 months, 4 months and 6 months old baby sleep that you should know when you have newborn babies.

Baby Sleep Chart for Newborn Babies

First, 2 month old baby sleep will take nighttime sleep more about 2 up to 4 hours between feedings. It is obvious because the newborns up to 2 months old will sleep during those short time and eat. It can reach 16 up to 18 hours because the nighttime sleep will be added with naps, usually 4 up to 5 times a day. It means that the inconsistency of the waking up time requires you watch them all over the night but the length of 2 month old baby sleep is longer.

Second, 4 month old baby sleep is actually shorter than the newborns because it may reach 14 hours up to 16 hours. Baby sleep chart is indeed obvious with this length of sleep because the total sleep is based on nighttime sleep and naps. For babies aged 4 month old, they usually will take 4 hours nighttime sleep between feedings and 3 times of naps which result on total sleep between 14 up to 16 hours for 4 month old baby sleep.

Third, it looks like 2 month old baby sleep is longer as long as the baby is getting younger. For that, 6 month old baby sleep is usually ranged from 14 hours up to 15 hours. This total sleep is taken from 5 up to 8 hours of night sleep plus 2 or 3 times of naps which result on 14 hours up to 15 hours total sleep. With this chart, it shows that when baby is getting older, then their total sleeping hours are shorter, compare to 4 month old baby sleep that sleeps only up to 4 hours nighttime.

Useful Tips for Baby Sleep Time

Then, there are some tips which may help you to establish your baby sleeping time and you also need to teach your baby to follow the bedtime routine. For that, first tip is that you must provide the real comfortable setting for your baby sleeping time, like give the soft pillows made from finest fabric, play some calming music and turn on the dim lights. Second tip, especially for after seeing 6 month old baby sleep you can try to add some nutritious cereal to their milk bottles in order to make them sleep longer. The total sleep is not always right to all babies because each baby has its own needed sleeping hours and for that you just need to count the bless you have when your baby grows healthily because has needed sleep and food. Moreover, baby sleep chart is only as your basic guide for giving your basic information about baby sleep time.

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