Caring For a Newborn: Basics and Cord Care caring

Having a newborn baby is definitely a huge excitement for you as new parents, but you should really pay attention about the caring for a newborn. The whole process of the caring can be really overwhelming, and if you’ve never experienced it before it will be even harder for you to handle with. There are a lot of sources where you can actually learn about the newborns handling and caring such as joining the newborn care classes. They will teach you the care basics which are necessary for you both to know, such as taking care of the baby and the newborn cord care.

Baby Caring

Hands Holding Tiny Baby In Hospital

Newborn care basics include the daily caring things that will involve you and your baby every day. The first basic thing that you should know is that you have to be really careful supporting the baby’s head and neck. They are really fragile after the birth, so you really have to support the head first if you’re trying to hold and upright the baby, and support the back if you’re lying the baby down. Don’t forget to wash your hand before you touch the baby and keeps it clean for the sake of the caring for a newbornbaby, including everyone who will handle your baby.

In most newborn care classes, the thing that they will tell you about the newborn baby is that they haven’t ready yet to play with you. Do not shake your baby or throwing him in the air, and the maximum play that you can do whenever you’re having a newborn baby is to tickle him really gently. This because the baby is just really fragile that the baby’s organ is not formed very strong yet, when shaking your baby can lead into a serious problem, and this is just the Newborn care basics that you should remember and tell people who want to touch your baby.

Newborn Cord Care

Caring for a newborn baby needs a lot of work that you should understand really well. Not only the newborn care basics, but you have to know about the newborn cord care as well. Whenever your baby is born, the umbilical cord is usually still there and you will have to wait about 2 weeks before it will fall off. You should taking care of this umbilical cord in order to make it heals fast. Not only that, you should let the cord fall naturally, by keeping it clean and caring with these steps. The first thing on newborn cord care that you should do is to avoid the special tub for the baby until the cord fall off, and just give the sponge bath to your baby. Most newborn care classes explain that the bath can prevent the cord area from drying fast and the cord may get irritated for being wet. This is something that you should really pay attention of caring of a newbornbaby, and make sure that the cord is always dry, clean, and never pull the cord or picking it.

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