Fresh and Delicious Sassy Water for the Flat Belly Diet

The flat belly diet is actually not so unpleasant because you can consume sassy water which is so helpful for reducing the excessive fat and calorie in your belly. Sassy water is so effective for helping you get more effective and as well as faster result for how sassy water contains healthy and nutritious vitamins which help you gain better metabolism which later helps you to burn fat and calorie better and of course more effective. You can do with the flat belly diet sassy water recipe which is so many.

Some Handy Recipes of Sassy Water for the Flat Belly Diet

First, go with the flat belly diet by drinking sassy water made from 2 cups pineapple chunks, 1 cup of halved and pitted fresh cherries, three cored and thinly sliced granny smith apple. Second, you can go with the flat belly diet drink recipe by using strawberries and basil. Simply scrunch the basil to give flavor and add the halved strawberries which you can stir using wooden spatula or spoon. Third, go with five cored, the thinly sliced apple and five whole cinnamon sticks.

Fourth, the flat belly diet can be done by drinking delicious sassy water made of grape and melon which is not only flattening belly, but as well as refreshing. Fifth recipe, you can go with vanilla beans and peaches. Simply crush the vanilla beans and stir them into the six pitted and sliced peaches. Last recipe, muddle more about 3 thinly sliced limes along with 4 cups of honeydew melon chunks. Lime contains acids which are so helpful for reducing excessive fat on your belly.

Smart Tip for the Flat Belly Diet Using Sassy Water

First tip for the flat belly diet is, you need to be careful with the fruit selections. In some cases, there are some fruits which are not so good to be combined together. Even though all fruits are healthy, you also should be careful with the fusion and try to check the fruits well before you use it for your sassy water. You also should know that you cannot drink too much and be careful with its expired time for how it will burden your kidneys. Second, you can be creative with the recipes. The flat belly diet is always better by drinking sassy water and for that you may get bored for drinking the same recipes for a week or even a month. Then, you can mix and match the fruits and still, you should observe first the chemical substances contained in each fruit before you go with it.

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