The Classification of the Marital Status

What do you know about the marital status? Do you know that there is more than just single and married status available in the common law? Of course most of you would understand the meaning of married. It means that a person is not separated from the spouse. This status is now also valid for the couple of the same sex. But to get the status, a couple should be in the civil unions.

Another status is the living common law. The status is when a couple is living together, but they are not legally married. And then there is the widowed status, too. This status applied to a person who is no longer in marriage. This means that there was a marriage between the person and his or her couple but the marriage ends in separation by death and has not been remarrying another person. However, the persons who live with a couple are not in this category.

There is another term of not being together anymore, separated. Separation happens when a person is no longer living together with his or her couple and they were legally married. Separation is only valid for the couple who are no longer together for reasons other than illness, school or work. Couples who live with a partner in an unmarried situation will not be included in the category.  Another term is divorced. This term does not apply to couples on living common law. The persons included here were already signing the divorce papers and they have not been remarried. And the last marital status is single. Unlike what most people would think, single does not only mean that the person is not yet married but also not living with another person. Once again, all the terms applied to couples of the different genders or the same genders.

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