When to Feed Baby Food Is About 6 Month

When to feed baby food can actually begin when the baby is entering the age of 4 months. This is because at that age the baby’s digestive system has begun to evolve. According to some a pediatrician, when to start baby on baby food indeed can be started at that age. However, some doctors are still debating the right age to start giving complementary foods. When to start giving baby food has become something very interesting to debate, the opinions accompanied with good reason expressed by child health experts.

6 Month

There are some pediatricians who revealed that the minimum age for complementary feeding is approximately 6 months. Pediatricians who argue when to start feeding baby food at 6 months of age have a fairly reasonable consideration. At the age of 6 months, an infant nutrition derived from breast milk is no longer sufficient for the baby. This is the main reason that makes the doctors determine when to start baby on baby food at 6 months.

4 Month

By providing complementary foods at 6 months doctors expect a lack of nutrients derived from breast milk may be fulfilled. But on the other hand, there are doctors who still insisted that the age of 4 months a baby is able to digest food properly, so when to start giving baby food can also be started at that age. Complementary feeding at 4 months it also has a strong enough reason, namely to prepare the baby’s condition before experiencing nutritional deficiencies. When to start feeding baby food at 4 months of age was considered as a time to prepare for the baby’s body that would have increased nutritional needs.

When to feed baby food has become a very interesting subject of conversation, many articles and books on the issue. Each book and article is based on various studies that have been conducted by child health experts or pediatrician. When to start baby on baby food becomes very important in order to maximize their growth and also the brains of children.

Errors in determining when to start giving baby food for the first one could be something very dangerous. For example when the parents of the baby too early to provide complementary foods, children may choke on it was not ready to receive food other than breast milk. Choking is one of the causes of death of infants who were aged less than one year, other than due to various types of diseases that commonly infect the baby. Will remain too slow in providing complementary foods can also lead to nutritional deficiencies child. Determining when to start feeding baby food has become something that is vulnerable and should get extra attention. Parents cannot be arbitrary in determining the right time to give complementary feeding. Delay feeding until weaning resulted in malnourished baby becomes important to note. There might be some mothers who think breast milk is enough, so they forget when to feed baby food. Exclusive breastfeeding is good, but it would be much more perfect when you give solid food as a companion.

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